Wave to Tsunami

I have been a supporter of PTI for the last few years now, not just because of Imran Khan being the leader as most of the people are for that reason but for the sake of our country and for the sake of our children’s future to be very honest.

Its been one year since the Lahore Jalsa where the wave which started off in the most crucial of circumstances and felt as if it would go down as it flows with time but since October 2011 till now this wave has grown into a true Tsunami as everyone calls it and funny thing is, Tsunami word has almost become part of the Urdu language. PTI has become the party of the future Allah Willing. It has left a so deep mark on the minds of the other political parties that there fear does show when they speak in forums. The Lahore Jalsa left every rival party leaders dumb struck and clearly shows in the News Shows if you watch them again now. Imran has become a symbol of righteousness, the party itself has grown to a level that in my 30 years I have never seen young kids wearing party badges  as part of their dress code; a scene which is visible in election days only. I saw a 15 year old boy walking in past by me in my Village Mardan on the event of Eid Ul Adha and he was wearing a PTI badge as part of his new Eid dress along with his 4 mates. I asked why and they replied with a bit of smere on their faces and the youngest one ran and shouted Imran Khan Zindabad. This shows how this wave of change has infiltrated every single home and its about time that it floods the whole nation.

I pray to Allah for the success of the party and hope that they do keep there promises alive.


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