Traffic Signal

images (2)Its 12:30 pm, am driving down the road in my city, there is a bit of traffic on the road, the light at an intersection turns red and I stop which I always do. A second later a car passed me honking all the way and broke the red light, a biker for whom the light was green was almost run over, a car right behind me which kind of got stuck because of my stopping at a signal kept honking and may be giving me all the respect in all the languages he knew. Another car slowed down looked at me and may be saying in his heart to me Really! and drove off, the poor biker and another car on the green side were still there until the signal turned green for me and I drove off praising myself that I did the right thing and felt proud and like a hero and like i am the most patriotic and righteous guy in the whole of the motherland.

The same signal again, am driving home and its day time again, there is little traffic as the day before as its Ramadan, but there is a blue uniformed God forsaken policeman standing just a few yards from the signal and believe me he was not on duty as he was waiting for his official pickup off duty which I saw later. So I was still on the same signal and each and every vehicle stopped knowing that the guy is standing there whether it be a small or big vehicle or a biker. Yeah the biker and the cars on the other side went on their way just fine and the intersection was as it was supposed to be.

Do I need to tell everyone the moral of the story?

I know the story is not new and must have happened to everyone but would it be Mian Nawaz Shareef or Imran Khan or would it be some religious cleric who would teach us to be better humans, better Muslims and better Pakistanis. This is just a small example of what we do in our daily lives and always deliberately but not knowing as we are so used to the norms that we have created for ourselves in which we are better than the other guy sitting in the next car stopping on a red light and mightier than the law but when it comes to paying a fine of Rs.300 for breaking the signal we stop. Yeah the money in our pockets is much more precious than our lives, our responsibilities and our integrity.

I always say this in the company of my friends that we are a mob and not a nation. We do not have the vision, the path or the will; we just know that money can make everything better for us even our inner beings and the motto for us would be as in the movie Jerry Maguire “SHOW ME THE MONEY”.

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