For days I have been thinking about writing something for my blog and just could not come up with any topic . Then the obvious hit me while eating out with a friend ; my blog isn’t just about politics its a general blog and why not share my opinion about the restaurants I got to in my city .i.e Peshawar where the restaurant  business is getting into gear and for a person as myself who is always looking for excuses to go dine out I find and try new places often as I consider myself to be a critic of food always if it at home or any place out. The reason for me writing this would purely be for info and review and not to bust anybody’s business .
I would like to start off with the most obvious choice of restaurant in Peshawar and that would be every peshawarite’s choice, the infamous "CHIEF BURGER ". The yellow sign board with the bull logo is its trademark of success. I grew up eating out with friends there and many residents would agree if I say if you didn’t have enough money which most students don’t you can still have your stomach full with the cheap burgers, selections of sandwiches and pizzas etc. .I have been eating here since 1990 I guess and if I still order the same item that was on the menu then, I would get the same taste now. The infamous Kebab Burger with the mince meat patty inside would still have the juiciness to it and the chief choice pizza with the pineapple toppings would still remind you the time when ate there with your friends in high school with little money in your pocket and getting a pool to afford the large
This place holds memories for allot of the Peshawarites especially if they spent their childhood, college and university days in Peshawar. The waiters serving at the parking would be the same old guys who grew old watching you ate there, the Chacha who keeps looking at you as if it was your first time there though he would have served you a thousand times. The wise guy waiter would still try to get hold of more tip than you were planning to give him and the typical serving techniques they follow would always annoy you but you would still go back there and give order to the same guy again and be annoyed again and the cycle goes on.The best part is you never need a menu rather you remember it by heart and you just say the words and taste develops in your mind. One dilemma that I always face because of remembering the whole menu is I never seem to decide what to order and out of many things I always order the same three items again and again. The most difficult part of the year is the Ramadan month when the place is closed for renovations and servicing etc. throughout the month and your crave for spicy Power Pizza doesn’t gets entertained until the night of the Eid.
Though chief management has kept all things the same and tried to improve the standard which it is, still the service inside the restaurant is not up to the mark now. There are always new waiters hired, you don’t seem to remember the supervisor, you order one guy and some other guy brings the food, bill is handed over by the third and you kind of get stuck whether to pay the tip but to whom. The noise inside the restaurant is so loud that you need to be on the high note to get conversations going with your eating buddy. But still by far Chief Burgers has kept its standards high and taste unanimous and kind of succeeded in bringing down other restaurants in the same area.
I love to go there at least once every week and get stuffed with their Chicken Steak Burger and get my hands on the Monte Carlo Sandwich if I am not that hungry. I rather pay the greedy guy more tip and come out happy than to be angry on my money spent in a place where they cant even pronounce their menu items.
Its not just about the modern name for food it should be a place where you feel free to say anything do anything and order what you know about.


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