IK and Change Again

imran-khan-twitterIs it for real this time again? This question arises in mind looking at the mammoth crowds surrounding Imran Khan (IK) and other waiting for him at the gates of the twin cities; sleeping in the open and eating dall chawal at 7 in the morning from food karts. I wonder, is it the agenda and the slogan that is driving this crowd of proud Pakistanis to leave all behind and take part in the PTI’s rally or is it once again the charismatic personality of IK that is driving them crazy. Rationally speaking, if PTI had doubts about the whole electoral process then they should not have taken to the roads without full prove of rigging in 2013; rather they should have taken it a bit slow and by slow I mean give people and the critics something to shut their mouths about and provide solid grounds for the rally to take flight. I wonder if IK is thinking the same as Adolf Hitler when Mussolini over threw the Italian government through his Black Shirt Army and Hitler himself tried to overthrow the German government just a few months later in Munich but had to eat dirt and got imprisoned. IK might be thinking the same, as was in Egypt or Turkey but we have countless loopholes in the system and that kind of movement would succeed only if the machinery working behind the government is sincere to this nation; which I doubt is. I myself would like this rally to end up on a positive side for the nation. Nawaz Shareef and his allies are in silence and in panic mode, giving childish statements and using cheap tactics. Shahbaz Shareef being heard that ‘people have rejected the PTI rally’. Sir, come out of your sPrime-Minister-Nawaz-Sharif1lumber, and watch your Lahore turn into reds and greens.

Again, one wonders, if the system does fall to PTI and resigns, what is going to be next after this, would there be an interim government , who is going to conduct the elections? the same election commission? or would there be an ordinance passed to restructure the whole electoral process? People taking part would be thinking that IK would be Prime Minister tomorrow when NS resigns but it doesn’t work that way. they would be coming back home all broken and tired, waiting for the next slogan from their leader and again wanting change and rallies for up coming elections which only Allah knows when and the whole 2013 shall be repeating itself. 

On other note my opinion here would be that we Pakistanis are a nation who would want change even if IK had stepped out a month from the elections. We are a nation who loves to hear breaking news, spread sensations and be part of something other than our daily routines. This time its not the inflation, its not the ideology behind the 995032_10152356829109527_7329914598068779933_nmovement but rather the quest to have garma garmi in the country. Politically PTI has a  stance being the major party of the country who got slummed in the elections not by people but by the system and what IK is crying for is what we all would like to know. 

I pray for, may Allah keep us all safe and our country safer. I pray for the betterment of this nation.


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3 Responses to IK and Change Again

  1. Naima Shahab says:

    It’s the charisma, plus the slogan, plus the desire “be part of something other than our daily routines”. But it would be best if IK just sticks to the constitutional path and doesn’t give in to popular want for sensation. Let’s see how it unfolds…

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