PTI’s Civil Disobedience

imran-khan-twitter greenMillions watched and the man of the hour Mr. Imran Khan Niazi, head of the second largest political party in Pakistan was on dice smiling and charging up the crowd for the most important speech of his political career according to him.

Listen, he said, I am about to say something really important, with his usual style of silencing the crowd. Then he says “ I thought for 12 hours and we are going into civil disobedience movement against the government.  The all charged up crowd went silent for a while. I believe most of them did not even remember Social Studies from intermediate to rewind their brains and know what Civil Disobedience is.

This is not the 30’s where empires can be brought down by the CD movements. Gandhi did it then for salt and almost succeeded but he did not accomplish his goal, now not paying utility bills or GST? We are living in a 21st Century where the automated system deducts every single penny before it gets to us. The call for CD from IK in my opinion is a long short and a week one too. I do not know whether he has discussed the idea with his people and advisors or not but I doubt Sheikh Rashid or Chaudharis would have given him a thumbs up for doing so. Even the workers demanded to reduce the deadline and finally Sheikh Rashid brought it down from 7 to 2 days. v-sign

I am a supporter of PTI since long but I don’t expect IK to listen to lame ideas from his advisors who have no idea about practical politics. He is being mocked and laughed at on channels right now. I honestly was not expecting this. Though his call for police and workers confrontation should be praised. This conflict would be deadly.

IK being a leader of the nation’s biggest party should act more politically and devise a more non confronting way of resolving the issue. I am not saying he should defuse the sit in as it seemed today in the beginning but there are more ways to put pressure on the government. This call for CD should at least lessen the pressure over the government in which it was for the last 3 days and it might lead to the downfall of our beloved leader’s popularity at large.

May Allah keep us safe and grant us a just leader and give us the power to recognize one too.


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