Smallest Coffin Is The Heaviest

2014-12-16t103942z_1776584617_gm1eacg1fq401_rtrmadp_3_pakistan-schoolIndeed the smallest coffin is the heaviest to lift and there would be more than a 100 being lifted tomorrow.

A black day in the history of Pakistan; shame on us first for acting like some wild apes who follow the apes incharge, irrepsective of the fact that we know what they are. I am not going to keep my decency today, I just cannot. This incident happened about a kilometer away from my home. We all should have died before these flowers were withered. We should have died the day we voted for anyone, before we shouted a slogan for any of the pigs or even before we thought of supporting those fuckers who are so called leaders of democracy and the nation. Shame on Imran Khan first for brining this country to such state just because he did not have the warmth of the PM seat, shame on Nawaz Shareef for not being a man enough and admit what he is doing to this country. Just heard a blast hit Ameer Muqam, I wish he dies like a dog. What was the an eight years old fault? Was it his fault that he was born in this God forsaken country in which we are living as apes and pigs where there is no decency of 10270536_10152435803292015_5886376875606036863_nany kind, no mercy of any sort. Its not just these terrorists, we are equal in this to blame and we are no different. Remember the killing of two brothers in Sialkot by general people over just an allegation of theft. Yes that is exactly who we are. I just don’t know where I am going with this and don’t seem to be in my senses at all just that this is not the time for blame game you fucking apes, I heard a bunch of our so called leaders blaming provincial government, you mad fucks and I am going to say there names too, Haji Adeel, Ghulam Bilour, Parvaiz Rasheed, etc Is this the time to be going into colors of your flags or be that green and white which stands and flutters whatever we animals do to our land of pure.

This is the time for all to resign from there warm seats and go home and do what they do best in their own bathrooms and not do it to our country. Mullahs in each party should be hanged from their beards as politics is not suppose to have Islam in it. Don’t sell us our religion anymore. These fucks are going to sit on TV and condemn in good words but wait till they go back to their jalsas then listen to them as they are going to cash these toddler’s deaths for their own gains.

CM, PM, Imran Khan, Army Chief, Core commander all are here in Peshawar. But they are still not on one page. Point scoring is again in play. They all should sit on a single table to show what is being done and public the reports. This is going to turn out to be a game changer for all stake holders if they are to take this lightly. 303446-more-pics-1-home-page

I am just worried tomorrow’s sun rise is going to be different and we are just going to remember this incident in our sit ins but nothing practical would be done against any. Sunrise tomorrow is not going to make a mother compel to wake her child up to go to school, those homes would not be having the scuffle of children crying for their uniforms not being pressed by their mother’s, those 100 plus homes are going to be haunted by this 16th Dec, till the day their mother’s and father themselves go to their demise. I just do not want to imagine and what is going to be the scenario in our country because it would be as heart wrenching as this incident itself if we forget. I would still be going to my office crossing the same school each day and not remembering, then why would a man with all the powers of the country be bothered to remember these children who died for the country. They are to be as equally treated martyrs as any army officer or policemen are. I just cannot write anymore.

I would just request all who ever reads this to where black bands for at least three days to show solidarity and condemnation against this cowardice act.

#whereblackbands , #peshawarattack


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