Yes I admit!

Yes! Most deffinetely I admit the fact that life is not what it seems and it is a maze one keeps running around in for years and years with no way out but when the time stops. It is a maze in which one wonders for a safe passage his or hers entire life and very rarely some finds that passage which leaves to the ending the same person wishes to have. It’s a cycle which our parents and their parents went through and it’s the same paradox we live in now and passing the same never ending experience to our children. The only time one wishes to be steady and safe is when you have your children surrounding you and you think of your parents and their difficult experiences with you, it seems all so real then. Leaving people behind all alone in a world full of unfortunates and surroundings unreal and non friendly for any is a decision everyone makes but again thinks what if it was not this passage but the one I left behind. The one that I left behind was the one true for me but why did I not choose that then and came to this? A man lives his entire life choosing between options which might or might not be for him to grab but he lives with it and a few finds a choice which suits them well and accepts the fact that this was the one he wanted all along for himself and for his family.


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