Personal Legend

paulo-coelho-quotes-2b9wvnnc“When you decide it; the whole universe conspires for you to succeed.” But the only thing that keeps you from your goal is your heart if it is not saying what your soul says. The heart says it differently but you need to tell it what you want and enforce your will upon it. Once the soul, mind and heart are on your side, the goal seems like taking a sip from the endless source of life provided by God for all. There comes a time when a person is betrayed by the heart saying otherwise though he might be standing on the edge of a well and might die of thirst if he dose not enforce his saying of the soul on to the heart rather listen to the deception of the heart which might not understand the true nature of your quest. The heart, mind and soul needs to be taught during the journey towards your personal legend and that only is the case when you only not let all three betray you and each other. Every little effort you do for achieving your goal is a direct approach towards the ultimate designer of the universe and that universe’s each element becomes active in making you succeed but if you know where to look, what to listen, where to approach, and how to act when the those elements show their presence for your assistance.

If anyone of my readers had read The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, they would understand what I just scribbled but then if someone had not, still the meaning is out there screaming high tones as it is what every person in the world is going through. The past, present and future of a person is guided, governed or forced upon a person but that person has to decide whether he or she needs it to be as guidance, as a government
, or being enforced upon and that choice would make him achieve or not; his goal for which he was created by the Almighty.


Civil Engineer, Blogger, Entrapreneur

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  1. DodongGala says:

    I love this post.

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