Concealed Element of Motivation

moving-forwardI was recently in a situation where I faced a rejection in a major business deal. That very day went as hell and could not concentrate on a single thing even when I am on a verge of launching a new startup. I sat back in the chair of my small office in despair looking at my laptop screen thinking of the opportunity that flew by me but then it hit me. I am not in loss but the client is as its his loss that he missed on the best in the business and dropped a fair deal which would have given his business a major push. The extent of expertise my business provides with the back end consumer support would have no doubt help that person grow and I would have gained additional support to expand my horizons but it did not happen, so what! I already have the upper hand and if I am able to do where I am today then even then I can achieve more through my own resources.
The moral of the story is find motivation in even the rejections in your deals.

By the time I was done with this post; it took me almost four days and I am going to continue the post  even I had written the moral. By the grace of Allah; another deal with a big client got finalized as I kept on and pushed forward despite the loss and reviewed my strategy and offers. I tried even harder within the resources I have and finally closed a business understanding with even bigger client.

The moral shall be changed; move forth and forget where you stumbled.


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