Entrepreneur’s Freedom of Choices

An entrepreneur has the freedom of working at his own terms, implement plans as initially devised, and hire or fire at his will. This freedom is like none other but having a life working for someone else and a life working for yourself are not very different. In a job you are bound by the policies your employer had made to be successful so you are his employee and your boss shouts at his employees for performances; just put yourself in his shoes and for a second imagine the stakes involved. You would also want that success and hire the same number of people as he did so it all comes down to the same but with a different attitude because these days being a horrible boss does not get the job done rather a friendly relation with your coworkers with with a touch of control can get you covered.

Becoming and acting as CEO just when you have started ould result in fails, reduction in trust and also in downsizing at the very brink of time of your success. Be what you really are and be humble to yourself, your business and your goals. Attitudes are a result of frustration, being a good leader would get you the distance you are planning to cover. Read a good book, follow a good motivator on youtube, sit with your mentor and surround yourself with like minded people who find and let you be the best what you are. A good entrepreneur can be anyone but bossy. You can find a million examples out there all you need to do is search for them and learn. Adopt to what you have decided, adopt to the lifestyle and make major changes. If you were not reading, start doing that, if you were watching too much TV, stop this instant and you would realize how much time you wasted your whole life. I am not saying not to watch good flicks but in time when you have it. Do not prioritize your time for watching TV rather watch it to get refreshed and start doing what you have to.

Running a brand or a startup is not just about solid policies, harsh rules of HR, but rather about your own approach to the baby you have yet to help grow and lead into something you dreamed for.



Civil Engineer, Blogger, Entrapreneur

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