Game of Thrones S06, A thrill for the eyes and senses

_86725906_winteriscomingSo the season finale of the Game of Thrones S06 gave us a heck of a show and as always left  us with goosebumps and a long wait for the next season to air next year. The OMG moments of this season were enough to let you jump off of your couch and shout WTF!

The resurrection of Jon Snow was a bit too much for me and him leaving the wall to his besty was a bit irresponsible for me but the way the season turned up I forgive the makers for it.

The epic HODOR sequence of scenes lead us to believe there is yet more mysteries to be unveiled when you thought what is next and it is getting obvious. Episode 08 was a bit boring for me but then when you think of it it all lead to the epic season finale.

The battle of the bastards was the one which took my breath away and literally I mean and I could not breathe with Jon Snow being stampede under all the fleeing men. I took a breath of relief when he gave his lungs a good run of the blood filled air out that mess.

And don’t let me get started on the Ep10. I watched the bang like ten times and always thought, Cercie watching it over the balcony sipping her wine, what is going through her mind right now and I am sure she would have been saying BANG BANG BANG cmon’and as it happened I was like ‘in your face sparrows’.

The revelation of Jon Snow being born to a Targharyan and Ned Stark who took that secret to his grave is just what the next season is going to bring more chills to our spines. Even the Boltons sigil has been removed and replaced with the Stark (Wolf ) in the intro. The king in the North.

I just cannot wait to for the next season and sometime i wish this was a feature flick so all us freaks can watch it at  once and just get it over with as the wait for a year is a torture at least it is for me.


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