Concealed Element of Motivation

moving-forwardI was recently in a situation where I faced a rejection in a major business deal. That very day went as hell and could not concentrate on a single thing even when I am on a verge of launching a new startup. I sat back in the chair of my small office in despair looking at my laptop screen thinking of the opportunity that flew by me but then it hit me. I am not in loss but the client is as its his loss that he missed on the best in the business and dropped a fair deal which would have given his business a major push. The extent of expertise my business provides with the back end consumer support would have no doubt help that person grow and I would have gained additional support to expand my horizons but it did not happen, so what! I already have the upper hand and if I am able to do where I am today then even then I can achieve more through my own resources.
The moral of the story is find motivation in even the rejections in your deals.

By the time I was done with this post; it took me almost four days and I am going to continue the post  even I had written the moral. By the grace of Allah; another deal with a big client got finalized as I kept on and pushed forward despite the loss and reviewed my strategy and offers. I tried even harder within the resources I have and finally closed a business understanding with even bigger client.

The moral shall be changed; move forth and forget where you stumbled.


Be what you need to be

Dream Big, Set Goals, Take Action chalk drawing

When it comes to being a startup, you have already decided what you wanted to do and have leaped the distance. Your are at your mark and needs to start off with a pace you dreamt off but it is not always the same way as you realize it. Times are difficult, competitions are strong and never ever think for a second that you are the only ones with brains and what ever you came up with can never be materialized by someone else. Your brains worked on the idea and your heart had been busy picturing it in reality for you so you can perceive it and act on it.

Believe in what you have started and stand the ground. No one else can understand what you started as you do. Your idea, Your baby! Be protective of your idea and keep the whole model intact. Distractions in your way to your goals are normal but every single path should lead to the same ending, your goal. The best thing about being an entrepreneur if you have brought up an idea which is new is you can play around with it as you want and the audience will not have any idea of right and wrong so it gives you that freedom which you had dreamt of and explore; so it gives you an edge over others. It does not necessarily mean that to be an entrepreneur your idea needs to different and never tried before sort but seek what the consumer would like. I often come across people having a ton of ideas and infact very useful ones but they end up in the bin because this idea is the same as something already in the market; so what! Be innovative and explore something new in the same idea which might be more attractive and unique but do what you always wanted to do. Be what you are. Self meanings and self believe is what would push you to be who you can be. Explore yourself and assess your limits, evaluate your being and the take the first step of belief and the rest would flow under your feet. Life is a river that flows to provide, depends how much you are able to fetch for yourself. If your approach is small you would get a mug full and if you think  big you would get a barrel full.

Assess, evaluate, believe and decide. As it says that the heavens lays down its plans for you if you are aware of what you personal legend is.(paulo coelho)

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