I woke up tired today and wanted to skip office as I did not get enough sleep because of some work and family issues but had to get up as an important meeting was scheduled, offered fajr and avoided the comforter offering me its warmth as it was chilling more than before. On the road to office as I was stuck in a traffic jam; I came across a child of may be 11 or 12 on his bike riding on the wrong side of the road. As the child was passing by, I saw his face lit with freshness and his lips moving, I opened my window to see him clearly and then I also heard him singing aloud which I was not expecting at all. He seemed like a child of a mediocre family with good enough clothes and a nice bike. What  he was singing, i did not understand as it might have been his own tune but his voice, his divine smile, his face lighting up with innocence and God knows the reason of his joy which might have been his day off from school or some other little wish coming true which resulted in his care free ride on the wrong side of the road and singing carelessly as if the time had ceased for him and all existence was only for him and none other. That, then and there had me go into an envious state of mind where I strolled into memory lane of my childhood and remembered the merry times when I was the king of the world and everything and everyone meant as just another. The child’s smile which struck my heart like a an arrow made me smile and forget what I was going through and I could not help think if that  smile has made me happy just by looking at it what would he be feeling and the envious me went into a jealous mode. I watched him disappear into the traffic in my side mirror as he zigzagged through it and had left  me in a state such which was a complete counter to my own earlier.

Life is hard and it brings grave moments and feelings which one can never forget but that  child had taught me something in those 10 seconds of his appearance; life goes as it is and one can never change what his destiny is but why not cherish what we have right there and then and avoid little rough times and feelings ruin it all and have good memories rather than dark ones which one tries to forget but fails so because good times are hard to forget  and bad times and memories rarely fade out. That child in his sole divinity left me with a conclusion to take life lighter and loved ones serious as the only time left  in this world spent in happiness with loved ones is far better than vice versa.

One’s goals in business, life and the strive to earn more and achieve an elevation leaves a man alone and we have brought words like ‘workaholic’ to the dictionary to redeem that state of loneliness.

“Work hard, make time for yourself and that time includes yourself first and then comes family and friends”.


Father Club

6months (802)

It was the 5th day of Jan,2011 when my feet could not stand still and my heart would try to thump out his way through my chest, my lips would recite every single surah and I would go two and fro in the parking lot of the most renowned maternity hospital in Peshawar. The place where almost every 4th or 5th person in Peshawar is born if he is from a middle class family. My phone rings and it’s the office and my colleague wants to know about something in the office. I shunt him off and the phone rings again its mom calling “Mubarak sha bache alak de” means “congrats son, it’s a boy”. Thanks mom how is my wife doing? but the phone is already hung up as my mom would have rushed back to see her grand son. I enquire of my wife’s health and she is doing good too. Shukar Allah.

Now both the mother and child are in the room and there is a continuous argument who does he look like. To me all the children are the same cute, bubble faced and pink and I mean PINK. Everyone had lots and lots of sweets and spent time in the hospital as if it was a hotel and we all were there for vacations. I am honored by giving him Adhan in his ears. Ayubia (190)

The baby takes his first ride home in dad’s car. Everyone is excited to receive him home and the gentleman arrives home now named ‘SALAR’ meaning leader along with him comes sleepless nights, crying, pooping, gas, vomiting and every little thing you thought you would never do or touch in your life. But the positive side of it you get to be a father and you have entered the father club by being blessed by Allah with the most beautiful child in the world. You cannot seem to get enough of kisses and gazes and you never get satisfied enough by holding him close to you. You want him never to let go of your finger from his tiny grasp. You never want to go to work when looking at his eyes telling you come pick me up. You come back from your car door while going to office to have just one more kiss of the most sweetest sweet of all.You get to buy the first tiny clothes and diapers (a lot). You get to walk him in his romper when go out on a vacation and he looks at you and says dad thanks but more please, when you stop.You love to do things for him you haven’t even done for yourself your whole life.Or when he prepares to cry first by bulging his lower lip and seeing if someone is noticing, if not he proceeds with the operation cry. For me the most precious moment in being a father is when my son wakes up and looks at me with his half opened sleepy eyes and smiles. Ayubia (16)

My boy is now 7months old and gets more and more adorable every day. His smiles keeps me going. He stares at me smiling with his sleepy eyes in the morning when I am getting ready for office standing in front of the mirror. He gets his hands up for flying and screams like a parrot which is impossible to do believe me whenever I come near him. He has changed so many colors and shapes over the past seven months that sometimes he does not look like the same. His goo-goos and gagas are almost changing into shreak voices which hits you not in your ear but your brain as that sound does not let the nervous system to be carried to the brain. First I was a just some guy who used to come home and kiss him and hug him but now he knows that this is someone important and I have to cash on his affection for me. Babies are babies but my boy has told me something also in the last months

  • you are important even if you are so little
  • you have the power in you voice, raise it and be heard instantly
  • the world dances for you, you just point to something and it would be in your lap
  • the thing people take for granted is a thing of so amusement for me like the ceiling fan 6months (401)
  • try again and again to sit up straight and you would succeed even if you let some gas out in the process
  • banging things is the best thing to do as it would make you happy
  • cash on what you have now and leave the rest for later use
  • I am who I am and you cannot make me do anything I do not want to do
    Raising a child is mostly done by the mother and believe me we fathers are doing nothing if you compare but still it is hard but it has its rewards. And those rewards are such which are irreplaceable.


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