It is amazing and also ironic how ones priorities change with time. A person who is always on the look for himself not to get hurt than is ready to get hurt for others. Life gives you the the taste of things to come and one realizes his/her true intent when a disaster seems inevitable. At that very moment you know what it would take to save the lives of ones you love. There are moments in life which gives you a jolt to realize what is worth saving and what is not and what is more valuable than your own life even.



IMG_20140827_014051Recently I purchased a Canon DSLR 650D; it changed a whole lot in me as I used to look at things as they were and now I see the what Allah has created, at its best.
My decision to get one was originally to save my children’s adorable IMG_20140811_135204growing age as my girl at 2 and boy at 4 are a non stop bodies of recklessness and cuteness but as I tried to explore more of the equipment, I noticed the world suddenly change. Grabbing my kit and taking a good shot of even the simplest of things around has made me realize how beautiful Allah’s creations are and how I used to take it for granted all these years. No wonder photographers are nature freaks. I see the details in most of the things more clearly now than I used to. I see what its like to be a snail on a track, or a full moon behind cotton clouds giving out its glow so elegantly, no wonder ware wolfs get crazy on the same night :).
Its my own short coming that I as Muslims had not yet seen what Allah has created and mentioned it in the Quran so many times. You need to look closely and try to reach the details of it. I am grateful to Allah that at least I have started to notice his divineness through my lens which I missed all these years while just giving a glance at it through my eyes. Shukar Al Hamdu Lilah. شکرالحمدلله
IMG_20140811_134901The world itself seems so colorful and subtle when you capture it through your lens that it keeps you going for another and then another. I have found my new hobby and I am loving it. May Allah grant us all the ability to see more of his creations the way he wants us to.

Be safe and may Allah bless us all.

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