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Imtihan Mossof Ka


We Happened!

I kept myslef from writing about current issues in my previous blog which was purely on the occassion of our independwnce day but here i am going to say what i wanted to say earlier. What have we done to the Pakistan of which Iqbal dreamt for what has happened to Jinnahs Pakistan.  In short we happened to Pakistan. When Allah decided to create man, it was known he would create anarchy, would commit sins, would kill and disobey Allah, i guess angels had Pakistanis in mind when they replied to Allahs decision. Yes this might be a wrong statement as their has been killings and sins and all throughtout the history bit I am only concerned with Pakistan so bear it with me.
The land which our leaders fought for, the land which was won after unimaginable sacrifices has finally reached a stage where we happened to it. We have made it the worst state that it can be, we have made it one of the most dangerous countries to live in, we have made to be the breading ground for terrorism and we have made it to be the most difficult country in the world to travel in. But why? We have everything a country would need to become successsful. We have the man power, we have the brains, we have the skills, we have the resources, we have our nukes. Why did it happen to our country. I do not need to explain that as everybody knows what happened. What we did to our country by electing the corrupt people again and again. We elected the same old faces so many times that even they cant believe it. We welcomed so many generals to get out of the mess we created ourselves that our army has become a political force now. We have supported our elders in their support for the same old corrupt politicians by following the family tradition either for gains or because of honor . You have to follow them whether you like it or not. We have elected so many puppet leaders that they cannot even keep their own integrity intact and we expect them to restore our nations integrity. It is not Pakistan to blame it is us who has ruined our past and present.

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