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Night-View-of-Minar-e-Pakistan-LahoreToday 28th September, 2014. under the shadow of the symbol of freedom, Meenar e Pakistan, this nation is again going to gather and chant under the leadership of one man and raise its voice for its rights. History truly repeats itself and Insha Allah it is going to be written on this very day where Imran Khan IK, is going to play a tough game against Nawaz Sharif NS, on his own turf. Lahore being the tough zone and mecca of the PML N, is going to prove where the Pakistanis stand when it comes to being on the true side of things.

A nation and its symbol of freedom would stand tall today to witness the birth of the Naya Pakistan. A nation would chant GO Nawaz GO as they did in thousands in New York and in London and for more than a month in Islamabad now, a nation would become one as a structure indestructible by any force. Thanks to the true leadership and consistency of IK, Pakistan has truly now become a new Pakistan. Looking at the footage of the Pakistani expats in New York chanting slogans against a stalwart, students shouting the same in Preston University or young and old use the same words against Hamza Shahbaz and boycotting, gives you goose bumps all over. Naya Pakistan is already here and its not going back to their routines until their votes are accounted for. People of Pakistan are now trained to raise their voice if any injustice is done to them now; even by the ones giving them the training.179436_542525992457565_1163638213_n

IK needs to play it wisely and select his words while giving his speech and not get into the moment, as today is going to prove that the Tigers and Tigresses of Pakistan with bats in their hands and GO Nawaz Go slogan on their tongues are against oppression, VIP culture and against any injustice thrown at them. IK needs to understand the fact that this sea of people are there with hopes of having a better life in a better nation, where they would have their lives worth living, where they would not be sold to international powers for dollars and where they can enjoy the same life as any other with money. Its not just the Imran factor that is bringing them together as one rather its the same hope and he needs to respect and cherish that and when given the opportunity preserve and deliver the same to make that hope a reality at large.

Since 1940 a nation that withstood turmoil, wars, hardships and disasters from within and rarely from the outside world would be standing tall for its rights along with the symbol of freedom for the nation.


Be safe and Remember Allah is the one who grants us what we deserve because of our doings.

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10357114_1671243176434853_5801298712812802230_nImran Khan and Tahir Ul Qadri has turned out to be the thorn in government’s foot for such a long time now that even it has forgotten that it had it in its foot; naa! The government itself is in more panic then it was when the movement started. Even the allegations through Javed Hashmi couldn’t do much damage, The report from Election Commission of Pakistan, ECP has again proved that the elections in 2013 were not as originally planned. ECP staff didn’t do much, ROs didn’t perform as per their duties, magnetic ink was not used, form 14 not issued, record being mishandled and the list goes on and on and Nawaz and Co are still hiding behind its allies and so called democratic norms.

One of the most significant achievement of this movement is that it has sieved down people in politics, media, establishment and general public to a level where it is now clear who stands for the country and who stands for power, money and self interests. I believed a few men in politics and media to be righteous and true but now when I see them give comments on events on daily basis, I am ashamed to have being following them for so long. The incident of off boarding Rehman Malik and another MNA from the plane for being late is one incident that I am proud to give credit to PTI and TUQ team, who have changed what people used to think in their hearts have now spoken aloud and took action for their own rights. These sit ins have proven to be the awakening of the nation where no anthems have ever been sung so frequently, no Pakistani has ever felt so responsible and no patriot has ever spoken out loud like they are doing now. 552176-IMG_-1369081797-980-640x480

But what IK and TUQ are promising the nation needs to be delivered too. The nation as a whole has given them the support which IK or TUQ would have never even imagined but the nation in general in eyeing what is next. People in general are patient for the outcome of the situation but they would turn into the same blood thirsty tigers and tigresses if they couldn’t delivere what they promised. And the same should be done because what NS or Bhuttos or Chaudris has done to this nation would seem like an ant hill opposite to the Himalayas of the promises made by these two. Keeping a nation on stand still for more than a month and promising to give Naya Pakistan and than not delivering would have a more serious toll on the nation’s socioeconomic foreground than the corruption from the existing players in the game.

IK and TUQ needs to take serious steps towards establishing what they would do and devise a plan of action. Saying and doing are completely different things. It’s a nation, a country and not just a cricket game. You need to have Waseem Akram as a foreign minister who can deliver and look in the eye, Waqar Younis like interior minister to have those in swingers for the local politicians to keep you safe, Inzamam like information minister to have strategy and patience. One thing is for sure if IK could not deliver here and the same after, his role in the Pakistani politics would be decided by the people in their own way and Allah forbid I do not want to even imagine that. The same awareness that these leaders have created would bite them back so hard it would take them miles away from the politics and the slogan would be GO IMRAN GO.


Be safe and always remember ALLAH

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