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images (2)Its 12:30 pm, am driving down the road in my city, there is a bit of traffic on the road, the light at an intersection turns red and I stop which I always do. A second later a car passed me honking all the way and broke the red light, a biker for whom the light was green was almost run over, a car right behind me which kind of got stuck because of my stopping at a signal kept honking and may be giving me all the respect in all the languages he knew. Another car slowed down looked at me and may be saying in his heart to me Really! and drove off, the poor biker and another car on the green side were still there until the signal turned green for me and I drove off praising myself that I did the right thing and felt proud and like a hero and like i am the most patriotic and righteous guy in the whole of the motherland.

The same signal again, am driving home and its day time again, there is little traffic as the day before as its Ramadan, but there is a blue uniformed God forsaken policeman standing just a few yards from the signal and believe me he was not on duty as he was waiting for his official pickup off duty which I saw later. So I was still on the same signal and each and every vehicle stopped knowing that the guy is standing there whether it be a small or big vehicle or a biker. Yeah the biker and the cars on the other side went on their way just fine and the intersection was as it was supposed to be.

Do I need to tell everyone the moral of the story?

I know the story is not new and must have happened to everyone but would it be Mian Nawaz Shareef or Imran Khan or would it be some religious cleric who would teach us to be better humans, better Muslims and better Pakistanis. This is just a small example of what we do in our daily lives and always deliberately but not knowing as we are so used to the norms that we have created for ourselves in which we are better than the other guy sitting in the next car stopping on a red light and mightier than the law but when it comes to paying a fine of Rs.300 for breaking the signal we stop. Yeah the money in our pockets is much more precious than our lives, our responsibilities and our integrity.

I always say this in the company of my friends that we are a mob and not a nation. We do not have the vision, the path or the will; we just know that money can make everything better for us even our inner beings and the motto for us would be as in the movie Jerry Maguire “SHOW ME THE MONEY”.

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What Needs Doing?

I was very restless before my previous blog “ Whats Wrong” but when I finished it though I am weak on writing which you all have to bare with me, I feel a lot lighter now as I needed to take all that out of my system. Now that I have I am much more relaxed and can share more of my thoughts with you all.

Previously in my posts I mentioned what needs to be done to get our country on the right track. Here I would not use the phrase ‘right track again’ because it has never been on the right track. I am going to restrain my self here to talk about how the politicians has robbed our country for their own interests and gains to its bare nickles rather I would like to mention the role we can play in brining the better change for our country. The word change has been used so often in every election by every corrupt politician that it has worn out but still we have to use it is a good word and it explains the whole concept.

Anyone with a conscience, a bit of wisdom, a bit of knowledge of Pakistan’s past and present, anyone who is not enjoying the fruits by corruption, humanity, eman, will to sacrifice and patriotism can bring the change we all need now. Now a days the role of every person who has a little bit of the above mentioned qualities can be a major add on to the cause especially the young ones and please I am not talking about the young ones who are so distarcted by  the mobile companies packages and cell phone marketings that they don’t even remember how to write an application without using u for you and thx for thanks( sorry guys but it is the truth and I have to say much more about that too but some other time). Also it should be mentioned here that while using the word young or youth should not be confused with just  college students but rather this word is used in a larger perspective for the young matured professionals of this country as well. No one can deny the importance of the more younger ones but I believe they need more time to study then to get involved in such things after all education is everything and they need to work hard to become the future leaders, educators, industrialists, economists, doctors and engineers.

Back to the topic; the role of the youth is the hot topic these days in the media and in social sectors. And it is right, as what the youth can do for this country no one else can. They are the force which is far more superior than anything. All that needs to be done is to wake them up by putting them in front lines, by bringing them into the system, by introducing them to the politics and social sector, by introducing them to the teachings of Quran and Sunnah, by teaching them the value of being a Muslim and last but not least making them believe in themselves. They need to be taught about the grim realities if nothing is done. They need to be taught their importance in the society. Youth has to be taught the fact that only grades and getting in to best universities is not enough; I mean only education is not enough but they have to be socially active as well. When I talk to my colleagues or relatives or friends about coming out and doing something practical for our future rather then sitting in our drawing rooms and hujras talking; I always get a very dissappointing reply. What would you do if you come out ? they say. What would happen to your job? how would you feed yourself? what about the lifestyle and worst of all what if you are killed? lolx. Would you have a job, food, education,luxury, freedom and life if Allah forbids there is no more country and we are in a position Iraq, Palestine, Libya are at this time.

I am not saying here to leave your life, quit your job, forget about your family and come out and shout on the streets. That time has not come yet and may Allah save us from that times and when it comes we all have to do that but at the moment what I, you and all of us needs to do is to raise our voice either way we can. Through meetings, sms, social websites, media, seminars whatever wherever you get a chance in any sort of gathering make it your objective to say something positive for the country in it. Make people to listen to you gather like minded people,become a member of any organization working on the same agenda, form an organization yourself, a society anything just for the sake of the cause which is upon us.

These days the social networks can play a significant role as it did in the Egyptian up rise. Use that for your benefit. Let me share my own recent experience with you all. I have been using Facebook for quiet sometime now but i am not a Facebook junkie and recently 2 or 3 days earlier I started a page ” Mera Pakistan” to get my friends to join me and share there views there but i have been struck by utter disappointment when i did not receive any feed back other than a few likes. I have noticed that who ever is using Facebook theses days they are using it just for watching funny videos and updating useless statuses and liking any such page as mine or any page or group related to cause has become a fashion type thingy. They don’t bother to look into something which has a few words to read so how would they be a part of something like this.  This attitude needs to be changed for better.

I have to wind up this post too as it becomes very long and i dont want you guys to get scared and run away so the final thought would be to to educate our people especially youth but for that educated people are required and by educated i mean not just para likha but people who know things. Before becoming a part of something the youth needs to become more social. Engage in social and humanitarian activities. Look around them to the people below  their life style and get to know them. They need to know about their own country and then raise their voice through any means available to them. Write something on your Facebook page, join the pages already there rather than creating you own, say something in your friends gathering, family meetings, Eid is coming spread your thoughts but remember there is no need to talk about what is happening everybody knows that . Talk about solutions.Most importantly know Islam. What you are worth if you are a better Muslim. Seek guidence from the divine Quran and Sunnah.  Gather like minded people and become one.


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