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I am a couch junkie when it comes to watching TV and movies. I sometimes laugh at myself for sitting in front of TV for so long I truly can be called a zombie at the time and funny thing is even my 4 year old kid impersonates by opening his mouth and gazing in to the screen saying this is how baba watches. I sometimes get bored of myself when watching a flick as I take it so seriously as not to miss a single dialogue or a second of a scene. I have some rituals of watching a movie and even my kids who are adorable are not allowed when dad is watching a flick he has been waiting for to get released.

But all that aside I have been thinking of adding an entertainment category to my blog because of the obvious as I stated above in the context of having my opinion shown regarding the flicks and shows. Though we live in a country where the means of catching a movie when it is released on time is hard and I might be late on my posting but still I would like to have my word out there. And there is another reason of adding the entertainment category to my blog is because of the criticism that the Pakistani movies are being given here from Pakistani critics. I went through enough of them to get the idea that most of them were biased and based on some objective and the words written were not in complete fairness of what a wonderful job is being done here in Pakistan after decades of darkness in our theaters. I would just say you cannot expect a child to start running the moment he take his first step. I have been a big supporter and loud mouth in terms of having more good looking men in Pakistan than in any country of the subcontinent and still we did not felt the pride we should have. Our lead actors are making a name for themselves in the India not only that they have far better acting skills than their counterparts but they also give them a run when it comes to their killer looks. In my opinion Fawad Khan has done a wonderful job in Khubsoorat and the role would have not suited any Indian actor as it did to him and do not even get me started on the actresses. Simply Gorgeous!

Not just that I hope that Pakistani movies being released do well and help get the light inside in the theaters turn off for better but rather I would also comment on the very downfall of entertainment even in the biggest showbiz towns of Hollywood and Bollywood. In my opinion they have both become so commercial and profit hungry they don’t have any creative sense left in them. The run for the box office toll has forced them to indulge themselves in making anything rather than something. Both towns alike, the remakes being sold with newer faces has become boring and ineffective other than a few. Both Hollywood and Bollywood are short on good stories and in abundance on making the same kind of movie the last guy did which did well on the box office.

I am even more shocked seeing some of the most prestigious actors taking part in flicks they should have never even thought off. Take Al Pacino for example, his last movie Danny Collins about a folk singer; in my opinion was a waste of time and energy. Yes, he did some moves and tried to bring the Scent of a Woman touch to the affair with the hotel manager played by the charismatic Annette Bening but he failed to do so in full as was expected from the Al Pacino. I can name more but let’s get to Bollywood where the Big B of Bollywood I think rules the list of such actors who should think really hard before signing on. He had made himself so available that even a pan masala and manjan ads have become his work of pride. I think the last time Big B had a role which he did as himself was in Sarkar and man do I love the silent gestural acting that he did. It was just mind blowing.

I would end this piece on a note that I might be writing something you shall not agree with but that is what it is all about, is it not. I once again hope that the upcoming movies being released on Eid ul Fitr from Lollywood are a treat to watch and may the movies be worthy of our money and time.


~~~~~~STARTING AGAIN~~~~~~



AOA to all


I was away for sometime and now I am back to get my blog started again as the previous one got hacked and got out of my control. No sweat though!

I guess like me any other blogger would sit on his system and think of what to write this time. That is a difficult question which leads you to a spot where you can no longer write anything when you choose a single topic for your blog site. You don’t always have stuff to write about the same topic every time. So this time I have decided I would keep my blog a general one and not follow a single agenda or topic. I would touch a bit of day to days, current affairs, science, politics, sports life style and religion what ever comes up in my mind. oh yeah movies would be a part of it too as I am a movies die hard fan and I watch them a lot. I would be giving my own opinions about them new or old movies. And please don’t expect Indian movies a lot as I am not a very big fan of their colorful songs and copied stories and lame rope action scenes.

Today I was thinking to kick off with something about our beloved country Pakistan and the state it is these days because of our so called leaders. A million words can be written about it and this very moment I believe a million people would be writing a million words about it so I wont; lolx. I am not going to say a word about anything which is going on these days in our country. How every single house hold item has been included in luxurious items list and brought under tax laws to increase its rates, how every single earner in a family is thinking about the next days, how every single person is afraid to go out undoubtedly, how every single person is feeling insecure and abused, how I cannot watch a complete movie in a single sitting because of the load sheading lolx, how the biggest city of our country is under fire and a play ground of wrong doers and how much every Pakistani insults himself every minute to be living in the era of the current sheepish leadership.

Sorry I kind of carried away there but had to control myself as I would not want you to be bored of the same old stuff about which we think every single minute. But what can one do. Can I make all this become right ? can you make this time of crises into a time of happiness. I don’t think so. This is out of my league and yours. I cannot make it right neither can you. But WE can. The question arises how can we do it?pakistan-flag-300x300

Well its quite simple but would take a a lot of time or may be no time at all. It all depends on us. I believe when I am saying WE again and again you might be thinking “ Am I part of this WE?” Well sir / madam you definitely are if you are a Pakistani, a sane person  with a bit of knowledge about your country’s history and you have your CNIC card in your pocket. You can definitely make a difference in the next elections which is a bit far still and one sits thinking whether this country is going to make it that far or not but I myself am an optimistic kind of guy always waiting for the right thing to happen and always believing in almighty Allah to make things right for us so be ready for the next elections because I believe these elections are going to be a a turning point in our country’s history if not to the full but we may have a taste of things to come.

Besides the elections what can one do to make this country worth living in and the heaven for all of us?

Well that’s the the part I am really interested in and will share a lot about it with you guys and hope I do succeed in it too.

May ALLAH give us the strength, the courage and the wisdom to once again become the pride of Muslim world.

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