Entrepreneur’s Admission

A wanna be entrepreneur almost all my life I had finally decided to start something solid. Being taunted by the thoughts and the discomfort while working for someone else never gave me the liberty to relax and that might have been the reason of my turbulent life style as an individual, as a son, as a husband and as father. The outrage was not that I did not have enough but rather I was never myself.

I had to hide behind my temper to avoid the frustration that I never understood. I could not unleash the potential in me until I started what I always wanted to do, what I always was supposed to do.

I am me now and I am happy the way my life is going. It is tough but rather soothing, it is turbulent but rather promising, it is a long struggle but at the end has hope.

I would definitely succeed what I have now and which I would sustain for the generations to come.

It might seem as a long shot but I aren’t going nowhere unless I achieve what I set out to achieve. I aren’t never settling for the lesser score as I am not here for the rags but for the riches and I mean that in terms of the money of course but especially for being on top of my goals and learn and implement while I run the mile.






Concealed Element of Motivation

moving-forwardI was recently in a situation where I faced a rejection in a major business deal. That very day went as hell and could not concentrate on a single thing even when I am on a verge of launching a new startup. I sat back in the chair of my small office in despair looking at my laptop screen thinking of the opportunity that flew by me but then it hit me. I am not in loss but the client is as its his loss that he missed on the best in the business and dropped a fair deal which would have given his business a major push. The extent of expertise my business provides with the back end consumer support would have no doubt help that person grow and I would have gained additional support to expand my horizons but it did not happen, so what! I already have the upper hand and if I am able to do where I am today then even then I can achieve more through my own resources.
The moral of the story is find motivation in even the rejections in your deals.

By the time I was done with this post; it took me almost four days and I am going to continue the post  even I had written the moral. By the grace of Allah; another deal with a big client got finalized as I kept on and pushed forward despite the loss and reviewed my strategy and offers. I tried even harder within the resources I have and finally closed a business understanding with even bigger client.

The moral shall be changed; move forth and forget where you stumbled.

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