Negative Vibes

It is always said to mingle with your like minded people so may get to learn, share ideas and be motivated but then and there comes a sitting, a group of people or places where the vibes are so negative that it drains you of everything you have. It drains you of your energy, your ideas, your positive approach which is essential for an entrepreneur. Avoiding such places is a better option or if it is needed to be among them then try to spend as less time as you can. I would suggest to get what you came for and get the hell out of there. I am sitting in such one place right now and as I have to stay for a while and was waiting so thought of sharing my experience with you guys. 

We are a bunch who needs to be a hundred percent on the positive side of things as the energy that we gather in the morning needs to utilised throughout the day and being part of something which gives you an impression that there is no good left in the world diverts your thoughts towards the vice versa of what your whole life and business plans are all about. You have already decided to go against the norms, train your brain to be more effective, be disruptive in your execution and what that requires is a pure mind and heart, a clear conscious and a road wide open and there is no space for narrow minded thinking. 

I wish you all the best in your endeavours and wish you meet the success you dream of in your life and business. 

Just remember there is nothing which any can not be achieved but always believe in Allah who is the most gracious and the ultimate helping hand for any. 

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