Standing Tall

Night-View-of-Minar-e-Pakistan-LahoreToday 28th September, 2014. under the shadow of the symbol of freedom, Meenar e Pakistan, this nation is again going to gather and chant under the leadership of one man and raise its voice for its rights. History truly repeats itself and Insha Allah it is going to be written on this very day where Imran Khan IK, is going to play a tough game against Nawaz Sharif NS, on his own turf. Lahore being the tough zone and mecca of the PML N, is going to prove where the Pakistanis stand when it comes to being on the true side of things.

A nation and its symbol of freedom would stand tall today to witness the birth of the Naya Pakistan. A nation would chant GO Nawaz GO as they did in thousands in New York and in London and for more than a month in Islamabad now, a nation would become one as a structure indestructible by any force. Thanks to the true leadership and consistency of IK, Pakistan has truly now become a new Pakistan. Looking at the footage of the Pakistani expats in New York chanting slogans against a stalwart, students shouting the same in Preston University or young and old use the same words against Hamza Shahbaz and boycotting, gives you goose bumps all over. Naya Pakistan is already here and its not going back to their routines until their votes are accounted for. People of Pakistan are now trained to raise their voice if any injustice is done to them now; even by the ones giving them the training.179436_542525992457565_1163638213_n

IK needs to play it wisely and select his words while giving his speech and not get into the moment, as today is going to prove that the Tigers and Tigresses of Pakistan with bats in their hands and GO Nawaz Go slogan on their tongues are against oppression, VIP culture and against any injustice thrown at them. IK needs to understand the fact that this sea of people are there with hopes of having a better life in a better nation, where they would have their lives worth living, where they would not be sold to international powers for dollars and where they can enjoy the same life as any other with money. Its not just the Imran factor that is bringing them together as one rather its the same hope and he needs to respect and cherish that and when given the opportunity preserve and deliver the same to make that hope a reality at large.

Since 1940 a nation that withstood turmoil, wars, hardships and disasters from within and rarely from the outside world would be standing tall for its rights along with the symbol of freedom for the nation.


Be safe and Remember Allah is the one who grants us what we deserve because of our doings.

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PTI’s Civil Disobedience

imran-khan-twitter greenMillions watched and the man of the hour Mr. Imran Khan Niazi, head of the second largest political party in Pakistan was on dice smiling and charging up the crowd for the most important speech of his political career according to him.

Listen, he said, I am about to say something really important, with his usual style of silencing the crowd. Then he says “ I thought for 12 hours and we are going into civil disobedience movement against the government.  The all charged up crowd went silent for a while. I believe most of them did not even remember Social Studies from intermediate to rewind their brains and know what Civil Disobedience is.

This is not the 30’s where empires can be brought down by the CD movements. Gandhi did it then for salt and almost succeeded but he did not accomplish his goal, now not paying utility bills or GST? We are living in a 21st Century where the automated system deducts every single penny before it gets to us. The call for CD from IK in my opinion is a long short and a week one too. I do not know whether he has discussed the idea with his people and advisors or not but I doubt Sheikh Rashid or Chaudharis would have given him a thumbs up for doing so. Even the workers demanded to reduce the deadline and finally Sheikh Rashid brought it down from 7 to 2 days. v-sign

I am a supporter of PTI since long but I don’t expect IK to listen to lame ideas from his advisors who have no idea about practical politics. He is being mocked and laughed at on channels right now. I honestly was not expecting this. Though his call for police and workers confrontation should be praised. This conflict would be deadly.

IK being a leader of the nation’s biggest party should act more politically and devise a more non confronting way of resolving the issue. I am not saying he should defuse the sit in as it seemed today in the beginning but there are more ways to put pressure on the government. This call for CD should at least lessen the pressure over the government in which it was for the last 3 days and it might lead to the downfall of our beloved leader’s popularity at large.

May Allah keep us safe and grant us a just leader and give us the power to recognize one too.

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