Sick minded entrepreneurs

Any startup owner and those entrepreneurs who has already been through the former phase are all sick. Yes we are sick to our bones. We never stop thinking to improve in what we do and that is exactly how success is met. 

Never ever stop thinking, be accessive, be crazy and be what you were never before in your life and the pavement to your success shall be paved the way you want it to be. Being a sick minded person is what would get you places. I am not saying to scream around (which sometimes do help 😉 but be different in your ideas and executions. Be unexpected, be the rogue in the industry, be destructive yet innovative and many shall obey to what you say. 
Entreprenuers life is a struggle first with his or herself and then with the competitor. You need to break the barriers and prove to yourself first and change the way you thought first and then worry about the world.
Be different, explore yourself, be the game changer”


Entrepreneur’s Admission

A wanna be entrepreneur almost all my life I had finally decided to start something solid. Being taunted by the thoughts and the discomfort while working for someone else never gave me the liberty to relax and that might have been the reason of my turbulent life style as an individual, as a son, as a husband and as father. The outrage was not that I did not have enough but rather I was never myself.

I had to hide behind my temper to avoid the frustration that I never understood. I could not unleash the potential in me until I started what I always wanted to do, what I always was supposed to do.

I am me now and I am happy the way my life is going. It is tough but rather soothing, it is turbulent but rather promising, it is a long struggle but at the end has hope.

I would definitely succeed what I have now and which I would sustain for the generations to come.

It might seem as a long shot but I aren’t going nowhere unless I achieve what I set out to achieve. I aren’t never settling for the lesser score as I am not here for the rags but for the riches and I mean that in terms of the money of course but especially for being on top of my goals and learn and implement while I run the mile.





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