Lights Off

I am a couch junkie when it comes to watching TV and movies. I sometimes laugh at myself for sitting in front of TV for so long I truly can be called a zombie at the time and funny thing is even my 4 year old kid impersonates by opening his mouth and gazing in to the screen saying this is how baba watches. I sometimes get bored of myself when watching a flick as I take it so seriously as not to miss a single dialogue or a second of a scene. I have some rituals of watching a movie and even my kids who are adorable are not allowed when dad is watching a flick he has been waiting for to get released.

But all that aside I have been thinking of adding an entertainment category to my blog because of the obvious as I stated above in the context of having my opinion shown regarding the flicks and shows. Though we live in a country where the means of catching a movie when it is released on time is hard and I might be late on my posting but still I would like to have my word out there. And there is another reason of adding the entertainment category to my blog is because of the criticism that the Pakistani movies are being given here from Pakistani critics. I went through enough of them to get the idea that most of them were biased and based on some objective and the words written were not in complete fairness of what a wonderful job is being done here in Pakistan after decades of darkness in our theaters. I would just say you cannot expect a child to start running the moment he take his first step. I have been a big supporter and loud mouth in terms of having more good looking men in Pakistan than in any country of the subcontinent and still we did not felt the pride we should have. Our lead actors are making a name for themselves in the India not only that they have far better acting skills than their counterparts but they also give them a run when it comes to their killer looks. In my opinion Fawad Khan has done a wonderful job in Khubsoorat and the role would have not suited any Indian actor as it did to him and do not even get me started on the actresses. Simply Gorgeous!

Not just that I hope that Pakistani movies being released do well and help get the light inside in the theaters turn off for better but rather I would also comment on the very downfall of entertainment even in the biggest showbiz towns of Hollywood and Bollywood. In my opinion they have both become so commercial and profit hungry they don’t have any creative sense left in them. The run for the box office toll has forced them to indulge themselves in making anything rather than something. Both towns alike, the remakes being sold with newer faces has become boring and ineffective other than a few. Both Hollywood and Bollywood are short on good stories and in abundance on making the same kind of movie the last guy did which did well on the box office.

I am even more shocked seeing some of the most prestigious actors taking part in flicks they should have never even thought off. Take Al Pacino for example, his last movie Danny Collins about a folk singer; in my opinion was a waste of time and energy. Yes, he did some moves and tried to bring the Scent of a Woman touch to the affair with the hotel manager played by the charismatic Annette Bening but he failed to do so in full as was expected from the Al Pacino. I can name more but let’s get to Bollywood where the Big B of Bollywood I think rules the list of such actors who should think really hard before signing on. He had made himself so available that even a pan masala and manjan ads have become his work of pride. I think the last time Big B had a role which he did as himself was in Sarkar and man do I love the silent gestural acting that he did. It was just mind blowing.

I would end this piece on a note that I might be writing something you shall not agree with but that is what it is all about, is it not. I once again hope that the upcoming movies being released on Eid ul Fitr from Lollywood are a treat to watch and may the movies be worthy of our money and time.


Innocent’s Cry

Lets analyze how many families are victims of the APS incident. Just to give you the depth of the events,

An average family has 5 members. One died. Four left. The one who died was a blood relative to 4 and first relative to on average four more families of his brother or sisters  who has their own family of 5 on average so children so that means a total of 25 people are in mourning on the death of just one child in one family and multiply that with 150. That child was a cousin, nephew, grandson to those who are not even counted. It goes Peshawar Attack 16-Dec 0086into thousands.

The bride and groom of the nation went to greet the children back into their classes. Ok, a good notion, every leader should have done so but not here Mr. IK; this is KP, we don’t forget and we here at the land of pakhtuns have traditions we follow more. Today what happened was a a pure example of tit for tat. Slogans of GO IMRAN GO in your own governed province. Those cries were not of a parent shouting for justice of his child’s blood but rather those were the cries of the innocence that got slaughtered in that very school. Physically it was their parents and relatives but in soul it is the very cry of that child who got shot while dreaming of a Naya Pakistan.Those parents who were being pushed and beaten to clear way for your VIP convoy are walking dead and their souls have left when the first shot was fired inside that school. Today was an example of what these people can do if you do the same to them as others did. You, IK, made them stand for their rights and this is exactly what you would get if you cannot keep your promises and stand on your own principles.

I kept my mouth shut when the whole marriage thing started as I thought it was IK’s own personal matter but still each and every person in this land where values, principles and traditions are as part of our lives as our religion, we do not celebrate in a time of grief and you as leader of the governing party of the same province got married? Lets say its not our issue, lets say we ignore the fact that you got married while thousands of families were still crying over their child’s massacre, at least you should have the audacity to visit on time. Vengeance has a big role in our tradition but when a mother says I am going to ask Allah for justice on the big day that means she is vulnerable and she has given up on your slogan of Insaf. Now would a leader of a party who gathered thousands for more than 100 days and always went on about his principles let that happen? Would a man of dignity and honor let that mother and hundreds more give up on the very idea on which PTI has been conceived?

I feel pity for some of the leaders of PTI while sitting in the media trying lamely to defend IK and when deep down I know they were not convinced themselves about it. Those righteous leaders in PTI who stood with IK in all his hard times were given a gift of defending him for the blunder this nation would never forget. They themselves would not forgive their selves for defending him while the whole of province is in such shock. Even if their was a possibility of having a political hand in todays events, still I would say IK deserved it and let me be very clear, I am not saying that IK deserved it because he married during this period but if you keep the history of IK and KP since his election campaign he always negated what this province can deliver and took fore granted what the youth of this province has done for him even when during the brutal shelling in Islamabad it were the ISF, KP who stood their ground. If you can recall his speech from the hospital bed and when he left a tough won NA-1 Peshawar seat and went for Rawalpindi, he didn’t even stay on the night of the APS incident when all other leaders including generals were here in Peshawar. You had it coming IK. If you have been following my blog, I had already warned PTIians of this day and it is now upon them for real.

You still have time to mend all this; how? Imran-Khan10

First , apologize to the people. Forget about the rigging, forget about NA-122, forget about Nawaz Shareef, let him enjoy the warmth of that chair for the tenure, concentrate on the very people who gave you the respect what you wanted. KP gave you the honor and you were able to gather your crowds for the Azadi March. It was KP who gave you such a mandate that even after rigging your count was still up. It was KP who gave the support to be the leader you are today. Work on this province. You might not only get a chance to mend all what happened in the past few weeks but also you would gather prayers and best wishes of millions of people who are suffering daily because of the terrorist cancer in this country. We at KP are a play ground of international games of espionage and conspiracies and Allah knows what else and it would again be this very land of Pakhtuns who would die for you and stand by you in every circumstance.

I would appeal to all other leaders especially MNA from this province to stand against their leader and raise your voices for this land. Your party is doing the same to these innocent souls as others are doing; discrimination! You have a responsibility to fight for your people within your own party and stand to your leader demanding to change this land first and then think of what he can do to the whole country or I fear after this tenure it would be bags packed for PTI from KP.

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