AOA to all

It is 14th of August 2011. Yes! 14th of August . The day of our independence. The day we were blessed by Almighty Allah for giving us our own home land PAKISTAN the “The Pure Land”. The land for Muslims of this region to live freely in and practice their religion. quaid-e-azam-muhammad-ali-jinnah

We got ourselves our own homeland with the sacrifices made by millions with their lives, their wealth and their loved ones. We got ourselves a land which was purely on the basis of religion unlike any other country in the world. Pakistan ka matlab kia ,La Ilaha Ilal Allah.

Iqbal dreamt of it and with the leadership of Muhammad Ali Jinnah countless Muslims made that dream a reality. It was the day Muslims of south east Asia received a reward for their long struggle.

14th August, 1947 Pakistan appeared on world map.

Iqbal,s Pakistan, Jinnah’s Pakistan, Every Muslim’s Pakistan, My PakistanAllama muhamamd Iqbal

Shukar Al Hamdulil Allah


Our mother land, our identity our own Pakistan which would give its people everything they would need to survive. Allah has given this land every season, every fruit, every crop, vast water bodies, minerals of all kinds beneath, It has got all in one package that most of other countries don’t have. For that we should be grateful to Allah (S.W) as we are grateful to him for giving us Emaan (faith).

Ok now here I am trying really really hard not go to the negative side of things like how we treated our country and by we I mean all of us since the beginning because there is a lot to say about that but here I just want to enjoy this moment of thinking how amazing my homeland is, irrespective of the current issues.

I would suggest to all please celebrate this day like no other. Our country needs us more than ever before we need our country more than anything. Don’t get over shadowed by the current issues. Celebrate this day for yourself , for your country, for your future generations and for the Muslim Ummah.


May ALLAH keep our country safe

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